Hark24!!! Pastsummer lectures and general NURDing at Hack42


We proudly present the first edition of Hark24!!! A one day event for a max of hundred people. Organized by some people of NURDSpace Wageningen and Hack42 Arnhem.

NURDspace will bring their self-made dome to Hack42. At Saturday the 17th of October there will be lectures about open hackathons, why and how do we do crypto, laser safety, Operation Gladio, !arduino, QtPass, NurdNodes, modified keyboards and whatever else you bring to the microphone.

Of course badges and stickers will be available to every participant! You can even make it a whole weekend trip. About 50 people can stay for the sleepover afterparty in the attic (but bring your own gear!). And if you help out during build-up (Friday the 16th from 14:00 onwards) we promiss NOT to send you home after the hardly intense labour.

Why are we doing this? Because we could! Because it’s fun! Because together!
Read the program and buy your amazingly cheap ticket at: https://hark24.nl/

Thank you for reading our spam. 🙂